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Review - Metta Hemp CBN Nighttime

Jun 22

You may not get enough sleep if you are like most people. If you're struggling to get sufficient sleep, it might be because you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.

A lot of people turn to over-the-counter medications to sleep better, but these can be addictive and sometimes result in negative adverse consequences. An alternative is an CBD tincture specially made for use at night.

In this post we'll review the Metta Hemp CBN Nighttime Tincture and talk about whether or not it will help you sleep better!

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What Is A CBD Tincture?

CBD tincture, which is a liquid CBD oil that is ingested it is a type of CBD. It is usually prepared with a carrier oil like MCT oil or hemp seed oil. It can be flavoured or not.

CBD Tinctures are made to be consumed sublingually, which means beneath the tongue. This allows CBD to be directly absorbed into the bloodstream, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

What is CBD? How Does a CBD Tincture Work?

CBD is a part of the endocannabinoid (ECS) system which is a system that contains receptors throughout the body that regulate a variety of aspects like sleep, appetite and pain, inflammation and sleep.

If you drink a CBD tincture The cannabidiol present in the tincture binds to the receptors in your ECS. This increases the production of natural substances and regulation of Endocannabinoids.

CBN, a cannabinoid like CBD and is also referred to as CBN. Contrary to CBD, CBN has sedative effects and may help you sleep.

Why Metta Hemp

Metta Hemp CBN Nighttime Tincture contains both CBD and CBN. The tincture also contains other cannabinoids such as CBC and THCV, as well as terpenes like myrcene and limonene.

Metta Hemp uses a whole-plant CO2 extraction method to extract hemp oil. This method is more effective in preserving components from the hemp plant.

Nighttime Tincture comes in two strengths that are 750mg plus 150mg CBN or 1500mg plus 300mg CBN. Each full bottle contains 25mg CBDplus CBN and is packaged in a 30-ml glass bottle.

What to Look For When Purchasing A Nighttime Tincture

  • When you are looking to purchase a nighttime tincture, you need to search for a few factors: A tincture with a full spectrum of CBD as well as CBN.
  • A tincture that employs a whole-plant CO2 extraction method.
  • Nighttime tincture comes in two strengths: 750mg CBD + 150mg CBN or 1500mg CBD+ 300mg CBN.


A CBD:CBN nighttime CBD tincture should have 25 mg CBD + CBN. If you are new to using nighttime tinctures, start with the smaller dose (750mg CBD and 150mg CBN) and increase as needed. CBD:CBN nighttime tinctures can be taken orally or added to your favorite beverage.

How to Utilize

To make use of a CBD:CBN nighttime tincture, first shake the bottle vigorously. Utilizing the dropper, disperse the amount you want under your tongue and hold for 30-60 seconds before taking a swallow.

Nighttime tinctures should be taken 30 minutes prior to bed. Nighttime tinctures can be a great way for insomnia as well as other sleep-related disorders to be treated. A CBD:CBN nighttime tincture can be an effective and natural method to help you sleep better. Make sure you purchase a full-spectrum tincture that uses CO2 extraction from the whole plant and comes in two concentrations (750mg CBD and 750mg).


Metta Hemp CBN Nighttime Tincture offers a complete-spectrum option that contains both CBD and CBN. The entire plant CO2 extraction process is employed to make the tincture. It is available in two strengths: 750mg CBD plus 150mg CBN or 1500mg CBDplus 300mg CBN. The Metta Hemp CBN Nighttime Tincture is a great option for those looking for a nighttime tincture that can help you fall asleep.